Client: Meaghan Kimball / Independent Director, Writer and Producer
 Art Direction, Design and After Effects Animation
Honors:  Presented in part of  the SVA “Super Phat” Design Exhibition

The Project:
An opening title for a independent film documentary called “Blau Jeans”, the concept was to represent the love/hate relationship of Berliners to the American pop culture. It was also presented as part of the School of Visual Arts “Super Phat” Exhibit, showcasing 50 project samples from successful school alumnus.
See Opening Title | See Chapter Title Treatment

Case Study:
Based on the history and changing culture of Berlin, the movie is a collection of many interviews, covering the views of what is appreciated as part of the German culture and what is loved (and loathed) about the American pop culture that is now changing their lives and the way they think. The overall design direction was based on the colors seen in jeans and the style juxtaposition of classic vs. modern, old vs. new that melt into a unique, fresh look.

What had started as a student project that turned into a full fledged job, there were a few challenging aspects to this project. First, there was no budget and the only assets available were the filmmaker’s footage, which was originally shot in PAL format but had to be converted to NTSC, then reformatted to be shown in wide screen as the director wanted to present it to the Berlin Film Festival.  We had only a little less than a month to accomplish this. Additionally, the title duration started at 2 minutes but then at last minute had to be edited to half the length and with additional names to be put into the sequence. Thankfully the project was built in a way that pieces could be shifted and shortened, and the names were successfully added in, all in time for her submission.