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Company: Showtime Networks Inc.
 Creative & Art Direction, Design, UX

The Project
Dexter online marketing campaign seen through various tactics ranging from Web Site, mobile, video special feature, online game, marketing tactics (email and banners) and social media (Facebook, Comic-Con community).

Case Study
How do you appeal to an audience with a new show concept of a serial killer who kills serial killers? This was the challenge we were faced from season 1 and the programming directive was to present the complex character of Dexter as an appealing, unassuming friendly individual who has a deadly edge, without giving away too much of the storyline or who he is. The blood factor was also toned down to avoid being interpreted as a horror genre, and the design needed to echo and match the flavors set by broadcast and print.

Focusing on Dexter’s personalities: precision, clean, blood and underlying edge, the online campaign expanded the vision of the show to extensive marketing tactics, of which some are featured here:

SERIES WEB SITE: Here we explored the idea of elevating social media and community by breaking the norm of how we usually treated our series sites. We made the Dexter Wiki (extremely popular community site), Facebook, Twitter and video more accessible to the user by making them more prominent and content rich.

DEXTER PICTURE SCRAMBLE iPHONE GAME: based on a desktop version that was designed and developed in-house, we produced a mobile game version in partnership with Mark Ecko Entertainment and Ikarus Studios.

BLOOD SPATTER 101: video special feature content that was updated on a weekly basis, delving in to the details of blood spatter explained by a real life blood spatter analyst. Watch Sample

DEXTER BODY BAG TOSS GAME: A whimsical flash game fully designed and developed in-house. The goal of the game is to have Dexter toss his body bags as far out as possible. Play The Game

DEXTER MARKETING: Emails and numerous banner ads for different events and programming promotions were produced on a weekly basis all in-house. On Facebook, we also launched a sweepstakes to commemorate our 5 million fan base mark.

COMIC-CON: Landing page was created for our fans during Comic-Con season, where Dexter was featured as the main leading show in our line up of Showtime series. I was responsible for both developing the wireframe and design of this page.