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Client: Goldbug Motion Picture Services
Role: Art Direction and Design
The Project: Designed for a catering company that services all the major motion picture companies. Rebranding the company logo and mobile coffee truck design.

Case Study:
Started as a catering and craft services for major motion and TV production companies, Goldbug had the problem of fragmented identity. Their services were well known in the industry with a strong reputation of the “crew that gets it done” but the owner had many iterations of the logo treatments that finally came to a head when he looked to expand his business to mobile coffee trucks. My work  involved in developing a core look starting with the logo and the bug mark. The Goldbug (a Hemingway reference) was a very integral part of his identity and it was important to make it look exciting and full of life. 15 different styles of logo exploration and bug designs were made, and what was approved was something the client wanted: rugged, gritty and and strong – something that represented their crew’s positioning that they were the support team of these production crews.The truck wrap design took the bug and logo mark to a whole new level. The design needed to be bold and dynamic, with life and energy bursting out from the core (as per the client’s wishes) with a flair of rockn’ roll edge to it. The new design has caught more attention from not just the film crew but those who have seen the truck on the road (not related to film industry) and has captured, increased general interest and traffic to his business and his website.

BUSINESS CARDS: For 3 types of businesses (Craft Services, Catering, Coffee)
TRUCK WRAP: For mobile coffee truck service
T-SHIRT DESIGN: For staff uniform (black and gold) and for merchandising (3 colors)
MILITARY CAP DESIGN: For staff uniform as well as premium gift option