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Company: Showtime Networks Inc.
 Creative Direction

The Project:
Showtime online brand featured through various digital marketing tactics.

Case Study:
Rebranding and rebuilding the company’s flagship site are always an enormous challenge, especially when all the operations are handled in-house. With limited resources and high expectation from the top for the site to be launched as soon as possible to match the broadcast rebrand, the project took the entire digital media production, design and tech team pulling double duty, a little less than 7 months to complete. With this round of redesign, I had proposed building an early site prototype using wire frames so that we can test our user experience with the executive and research team, as we forged the new structure of the site and content. I played both Creative Director as well as designer for the SHO.com site redesign.

One of our biggest challenges were prioritizing the many different partners’ requirements within the company, followed by mapping out the channel schedule in the most cohesive format that also incorporated advertising space. In parallel to the design process, issues such as sustainability of maintenance (production and editorial process) were being worked out as well. We conducted many internal and external testing sessions using the prototype to ensure usability and content were accessible and easy to use. The result was a boost in traffic and we saw several other networks follow our format of a larger carousel on their homepage redesigns.

WEBSITE: Updating the SHO.com brand online. Additional role: art director/designer.

MOBILE:  SHO.com mobile web site (updated weekly to match the desktop version)

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER:  Designed and updated every month for both sub and non-subscriber audience

FULL EPISODES SAMPLER:  Video content offering first full episodes of the select Showtime series. Designed to be a sales marketing site to entice new subscribers as well as introduce new shows to existing customers.

DIGITAL HOLIDAY CARD:  Created for both internal and external use, a digital holiday card was designed and developed every year as an in-house project. See Animation