Company: Showtime Networks Inc. 
 Creative Direction (initial phase)

The Project:
Showtime Anytime project was started in 2010 as a full service website that needed to be cinematic and gorgeous, that functions as a seasonal, on demand video library application for Showtime content that included both series and movies, that can be accessed only by Showtime subscribers.

Case Study:
We were asked to pull together a special task force by to start off what would be considered a competitor product to HBO GO, but with the fraction of the budget, time and resources that HBO had spent developing their site. Based on the core team members from various departments who were already busy with their day to day duties, supplemented by a few freelancers, we embarked to build an online service (akin to developing a software) in house that was unprecedented in scale and complexity for the company. The challenges were astronomical: developing and writing the architecture for a service that was new to all of us, all while juggling our daily duties and projects, and communicating /coordinating with a few different partner teams all with an impossible timeframe in a mere 9 months. My involvement in this project was in building the foundation of the product and service – in creative direction, identifying design talent, IA and user strategy.

Launched last year, the result is a luxurious and easy to use online library of video and information that can be accessed readily online and on mobile devices (tablet and mobile). The site is now managed by a full team dedicated to the maintenance and services of the site.